Atheists Lack Social Skills

Do atheists lack social skills?  Certainly my first encounters with atheists would seem to suggest so.  So busy telling it how it is that they miss any sort of emotional cues that what they are saying might be offending those with whom they are talking.  Perhaps they just don’t care.

Oh that’s right, offence is taken not given.  It shouldn’t matter that people are offended, especially if they believe a whole bunch of fairytale crap like religion or reiki healing or some such other rubbish to which people subscribe.  Isn’t that right?

So atheists can justify their insensitivity by claiming that they speak the truth.  Does that make it OK.  Or more to the point, doesn’t this just confirm that they do indeed lack social skills.

Is it this lack of care for social acceptance that leads people to disregard the authority of god?  Or is it that anti-social people don’t fit into religious groups therefore don’t have as much incentive to believe in a god/s?

Whatever the relationship between atheism and social capacity, atheists certainly don’t take hostages when it comes to speaking truth, and this has contributed to a rather hostile environment for anyone seeking to fall gently from faith, or any other supernatural / superstitious set of beliefs.




6 thoughts on “Atheists Lack Social Skills

  1. When was the last time you were beheaded, burned at the stake, held as a sex slave or discriminated against regarding gender or sexual orientation by an atheist?
    It must be awful for you to live alongside such immoral beings…

    • Morality is a different topic. This was about the social capacity of atheists. Sure, being beheaded, burned at the stake, held as a sex slave or discriminated against are all anti social acts. But talking about extreme anti social acts doesn’t negate the anti social culture of atheist groups.

      • Where are you from? I live in a very atheist nation (amongst my ethnic group) and I do not see the same anti social culture you do.

      • You are actually quite right. I also have seen no such lack of social skills when encountering populations that contain high levels of not especially religious people in the real world.

        This is a phenomenon that I’ve encountered in groups of self identified atheists online since the emergence of new atheism.

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  3. So you don’t think that there is a connection between a lack of belief in god/s and lack of social ability?

    Yet Christians groups seem much more caring and supportive. Could it be that a respect for an all seeing all powerful creator impacts individuals to be on their best behavour?

    Can we gain anything from looking at the demographics of those who identify as atheists?

    There is also the possibility that the internet isn’t assisting atheists with their social skills.

    But even anti-social behaviour online could just be the teething problems of a new interface.

    Still none of this explains why Christian groups online seem so much more welcoming and kind than atheist groups.

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